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The Constant of Change - June 2006

June 2006

The Constant of Change

Life is about change. As United Methodists from across South Carolina gather for the upcoming session of the Annual Conference on June 4th to 7th at Claflin University in Orangeburg, the church will celebrate change.
This is a Jubilee Year marking the change that occurred 50 years ago when the General Conference granted full clergy rights to women.
Throughout these days, the S.C. Conference will give thanks to God for the dedicated lives of both women and men who respond to Godıs call.
We will rejoice in the courageous past of these pioneer women of faith and the bold future that unfolds ahead for all who step forth.
One of the arguments against the motion was that if they voted this change there would be women bishops. That makes me smile.
During Conference we will celebrate the life transitions of people, both those who are entering the ministry and those who are retiring.
We will give thanks for the witness of so many good and faithful servants who have finished the course and changed their membership from the church on earth to the Church Triumphant. We all will make that change someday.
We can and will make a tremendous change for others through ACTION: Annual Conference Trinity Infinitive Of Needs.
Together, we, the Church will help to change some of the obstacles that make it hard for our school children in South Carolina.
This is a strengthening of the connection between the Church and the community.
Together, we, the Church are continuing to reach out to the people in the Gulf Coast Region to help them to change their lives and rebuild after all of the devastation of last year.
Those who live at the Old Mutare Mission in Zimbabwe need to have their water system changed so that they can have enough clean water just to live.
Our ACTION is all about how we can work together to change the circumstances of Godıs people for the better.
Each year ministerial leadership is deployed across this state and beyond to serve our local churches and extension ministries.
Whether someone is moving to a new responsibility or returning for another year, as the pastoral appointments change at Annual Conference there is excitement about the future and what it will hold.
There is also the reality of the sadness and grief that we experience in leaving friends and family as ministerial relationships change.
I have mentioned only a few of the matters we will address during our gathering together.
I am confident that it will be so much more than this as we, the people of God gather and worship and make decisions for the coming year.
I say that because as God is there, we always are blest in ways greater than even our expectations.
Our theme for Annual Conference this year is not ³standing² with Jesus in this way of life. Our theme is Following Jesus's in this way of life.When we follow Jesus, we change.
We change our priorities, we change the way we relate to each other, we change the way we use our talents, and we even change the way we spend our money.
When Jesus said to the fishermen, Follow Me, he was really saying to them, ³I want you to change everything. A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to speak at the commencement exercises of Columbia College, one of the finest colleges in the nation.
One of the themes for the day was how this graduating class of outstanding young women might change the world.
They believe the world can be different and better.
I hope we all believe that.
As we approach the upcoming Annual Conference how do we lean into the future? How do we bend toward it?
I grew up singing ³What a wonderful CHANGE in my life has been wrought, since Jesus came into my heart.² When we let Jesus into our hearts, we cannot stay the same.
Pause a moment and consider the wonderful changes that have become realities in your own life, since Jesus came into your heart.
So as we gather at Claflin University much of our Holy Conferencing will be about the CHANGES GOD is calling us to make.
I think it is called Discipleship. To know Jesus is to never be the same again.
Friends, we have much for which to be thankful!!!

Mary Virginia Taylor