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Help the church beautify and clean in order to enjoy a mission of cleanliness.
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Meet in fellowship with one another as you learn to crochet or just work on a prayer shawl to share with someone in emotional or physical need.
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Even A Cup of Cold Water Will Be Remembered ... In This Way of Life - April 2006

April 2006

Even A Cup of Cold Water Will Be Remembered In This Way of Life

Water is just one of those things you take for granted, at least I always had.  It was easy enough to go to the sink, turn the faucet handles, and instantly there was fresh water. 

It was a little more complicated at my grandmother's home in Florida.  The water smelled and tasted like rotten eggs.  Grammy would boil water everyday before she would use it.  Anytime we got thirsty at her house, instead of the sink, we went to the refrigerator and poured a cold glassful from the water pitcher. 

In high school, my appreciation for the importance of good water increased dramatically.  On a church youth mission trip to Mexico, we were repeatedly warned to only drink the water the counselors gave to us.  On a very hot summer day when the water supply had to be rationed, a few of our group decided to sample the local water.  Everyone got sick.  All of us learned the wonders of paregoric and had detailed stories to tell our parents.

When Rusty and I were first married, running out of water became an adventure.  Rusty was appointed as a Student Pastor to the Rising Fawn Circuit in the northwest corner of Georgia.  The water for the town came from a spring on top of Fox Mountain.  The underground pipes were old and leaked.  Additional houses had been added to the pipeline through the years. The very last house to receive water from the system was the parsonage.  Every summer, the water supply would get low.  On Sunday mornings, you never knew whether or not there would be water for a shower.  A few times, we would fill the bathtub the night before.  In the morning we would boil water to try to warm the bath.  It never worked.  We just did not have enough pots to make that cold water bearable.  The most productive plan was to gather our towels, soap, shampoo, and clothes, go about a half mile down the street to the home of Kathleen Thomas and get ready for church.  Her house was the first house as the water came down the mountain.  She always had water and was always gracious to take us in on those early mornings.

Water is by far our most important natural resource.  Having an ample supply of clean water is a necessity.  Without water, there is no life.  A dry canteen with no immediate prospects of water is enough to turn the worst ingrate into a believer of the blessedness of pure drinking water.

Except for a few minor inconveniences or unusual situations, each of us has enjoyed an abundance of water.  That is not true for many areas of our world.  In Zimbabwe, the Old Mutare Mission is a place where water is in short supply.  Four of the eight wells which have provided the area with water are no longer working.  The other wells need repair.  Water is being rationed.  Villagers are only allowed to draw from the well during certain hours.  Last summer, a mission team from South Carolina visited the country and witnessed directly the water needs in this region.

So many wonderful ministries are happening throughout our local churches.  You are a generous and giving people.  Can you just imagine the impact that more than 240,000 United Methodists of South Carolina would have if we focused our prayers and resources to meet the same missional needs? 

The South Carolina Annual Conference will gather this year from June 4th to 7th .  In addition to our printed agenda we are calling all United Methodists to ACTION, which stands for Annual Conference Trinity Initiative Of Needs.  In the next few weeks, your pastor and church will receive a media presentation of three important requests that I hope will touch your hearts and call you to action.  It will explain in detail the needs and how you can make a difference. 

These three initiatives will extend the love of Jesus through us to our state, our nation, and our world.  First, we will help our children in South Carolina by providing needed school supplies.  Second, we will partner with our sister churches and annual conferences in the rebuilding of the churches in the Gulf area so devastated by the hurricanes.  Third, we will provide the basic necessity of clean water to our brothers and sisters in the Old Mutare Mission in Zimbabwe. 

Following Jesus in this way of life invites us to undertake some risky missions for His sake.  I am excited about this upcoming session of the annual conference and the ways we will respond together in ACTION.  Remember Jesus promised that "If any give even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because they are my disciples, I tell you the truth, they will certainly not lose their reward."

Grace and peace,
Mary Virginia Taylor