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Maids on Mission
12:00 PM
Help the church beautify and clean in order to enjoy a mission of cleanliness.
Bible Study
6:00 PM
Come and join us in learning more about Christ


Choir Practice 9:00 a.m.
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Sunday School
10:00 AM
Classes for all ages. Preschool, children, teens, young adult and mature adults. There are 7 classes to choose from with small-group settings.
Sunday Morning Worship
11:00 AM
Traditional worship experience with dynamic preaching and blended music including Grace Choir and special ensembles


Prayer Shawl Ministry
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Meet in fellowship with one another as you learn to crochet or just work on a prayer shawl to share with someone in emotional or physical need.
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Company's Coming - May 2007

May 2007

Company's Coming

Before cell phones made it so easy to communicate with family and friends, part of our tradition on a trip was to buy postcards and mail them back home.
Drugstores, gas stations, hotels, roadside markets, all had a large assortment of beautiful postcards showing the splendor of the location.
Sometimes the postcards were so exquisite that we would even buy a few to keep for our memories.
The message written on the back of the postcard was always similar.
In those few lines that would fit, it usually included something about having a wonderful time and seeing unbelievable things. And then the sentence would always be added, ³Wish you were here.² When you see and experience something truly wonderful, it is only natural to want to share it.
We want the lives of those about whom we care to be impacted by the same good things we have felt and seen.
This is the same attitude that disciples have had for centuries as they have shared their faith.
For the past two and one half years, I have been telling my friends on the Council of Bishops about the wonderful smiling faces and beautiful places of South Carolina.
The United Methodist people here are incredible. They are warm, generous, committed disciples of Jesus Christ.
It is a good place to be and serve. And then I have added, ³I wish you were here with me to experience it.² So my friends, I got my wish.
Company is coming. The Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church will be meeting at Myrtle Beach from April 29 to May 5 for its spring meeting.
The Council of Bishops helps to set the direction for our more than 11 million-member denomination and its mission throughout the world.
It is composed of all the active and retired bishops of the United Methodist Church.
These bishops and their spouses will come to South Carolina from four continents, including North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.
For some bishops, English is not their primary language. So whenever the council meets there are also interpreters present to assist with translations.
In addition, the general secretaries of all of the general agencies of the denomination will be attending the meeting, as well as other staff and the media.
I am looking forward to this next week.
The Council of Bishops will do many of the things that any large family does when it gets together.
We will enjoy being with one another again.
We will praise God and remember those who have transitioned to the Church Triumphant.
We will discuss ways that our church can respond in the name of Christ to the needs of the world.
We will celebrate our faith and the goodness of God.
We will pray, sing, plan, and encourage one another.
Many folks have been working for some time to prepare our hospitality for this gathering.
We have been getting ready because ³Company is coming.² I even believe that many bishops and spouses will send a card or call home to tell others, how wonderful it has been to be on our shores.
I would not be surprised if they add, ³Wish you were here to share it with me.²

Grace and peace,

Mary Virginia Taylor