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Prayer Shawl Ministry
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Meet in fellowship with one another as you learn to crochet or just work on a prayer shawl to share with someone in emotional or physical need.
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For All to See August, 2008

August Bishop's Corner PDF Print E-mail
For All to See

  Some things are just obvious. It was clear to the woman sitting on her porch during the conference’s Great Day of Service. Several men wearing red t-shirts were diligently trimming the shrubs and trees in her yard. They were smiling and enjoying this labor of Christian love, as they dragged limbs to the edge of the street.  
  The woman on the porch greeted me warmly as I introduced myself and sat down beside her.  I asked her if they were doing a good job. She let me know they were really helping her and they were fast. We had talked only a short time before she asked me if I had come to work or was I just riding around looking. She got me with her question. Communications Director Matt Brodie and I were riding around and stopping at some of the sites where conference folks were at work. We were taking pictures and visiting, but we were not getting dirt on our red shirts and shoes.  
  For anyone just driving by, they would not automatically know the extent of ministry that was accomplished by United Methodists on the Great Day of Service in Florence. They would not have any idea that the response to packing gift boxes for our military in Iraq was so enormous that it had to be moved to a larger room in the Civic Center. They would not know that these United Methodists in red shirts packed 314 boxes and had to bring 206 of them back to Columbia to get more names and addresses. Someone just looking into that room could not imagine the excitement of a young soldier opening a box filled with goodies and several letters from strangers, some even from children, thanking him for his service in Iraq. They would not know that he told his mother that it was like receiving “a little hug from home.”
  Whenever service is offered in the name of Jesus Christ, there are always ripples that continue to go forth and touch unexpected lives.     
  Most of us who wore red on Tuesday afternoon, June 3, would not necessarily know that there was only one box of t-shirts that were not distributed to conference members. It was a box of size small shirts. Those leftover shirts were taken by the Rev. Ray Smith to give to the children on an upcoming mission trip. Somewhere across the ocean there is a new sea of little red shirts daring to change the world.
  If you were just passing by, you would have no knowledge of the thank you notes that have been received at the Conference Center. There was one handwritten card from a colonel in the United States Marines, who wrote, “Thanks especially for your thoughts and prayers. Those will remain with me long after the other things are gone. … When I share with my friends, I’ll be sure to tell them everything came from the wonderful people from the Palmetto State UMC.”  There was another word a woman told the Senior Citizens Association, “See, somebody loves me besides y’all.”
  Only the children attending four area schools will know of the 369 kits of school supplies that will be waiting for them in the fall. If the prayer bears taken to the police department could talk, there would even be stories of the comfort these stuffed animals will bring to children caught in traumatic situations.  
  Yes, it is obvious that the Great Day of Service is growing. There were more than 900 people who registered to participate. Planning has already begun for next year. I want to thank Millie Nelson and all the mission volunteers who made this day such a success.     
  It is obvious to me that the folks in South Carolina want to give themselves in ministry to others. The Great Day of Service is just one example, but it has touched the hearts of many people: those who are receiving and those who are giving.