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Maids on Mission
12:00 PM
Help the church beautify and clean in order to enjoy a mission of cleanliness.
Bible Study
6:00 PM
Come and join us in learning more about Christ


Choir Practice 9:00 a.m.
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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10:00 AM
Classes for all ages. Preschool, children, teens, young adult and mature adults. There are 7 classes to choose from with small-group settings.
Sunday Morning Worship
11:00 AM
Traditional worship experience with dynamic preaching and blended music including Grace Choir and special ensembles


Prayer Shawl Ministry
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Meet in fellowship with one another as you learn to crochet or just work on a prayer shawl to share with someone in emotional or physical need.
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Believing You Can - November 2006

November 2006

Believing You Can

For me, watching college football is one of the wonderful things about fall.
Whether I go to the game or just pile up in front of the television, I enjoy watching my team play. For any who may be wondering which team I claim, it varies.
I confess that my loyalty is affected by where I live. The home team somehow endears itself to me. The local radio and television stations report all the latest about the players, the strategies and the coach. So even though it may get a bit tricky deciding which colors to wear when my team plays another of my teams, it is still a lot of fun getting into the spirit of it
Following the University of South Carolina and Kentucky football game, I could understand the frustration expressed by Coach Steve Spurrier.
After all, my team was leading 17­0 at the half. It was hard to believe the downturn during the second half that resulted in a 24-17 score. Walking from the field, Coach Spurrier stated, ³This is terrible. It is a win, but that is all you can say for it. We still canıt shake being a South Carolina team that doesnıt know how to win.² What a difference ³believing you can² can make. You play differently. You are hope filled and confident.
It is important to believe in the churchıs abilities to succeed, as well.
The phrase that has described some churches is to say they are in ³survival mode². Survival mode is that pervasive attitude present when a congregation is simply struggling to exist. In those times, they see it as a matter of their life or death.
Churches in survival mode donıt know how to win. Their focus is inward rather than outward. Every decision about potential ministry is blocked by the reasons why the church believes it canıt.
Often it goes like this: We do not have enough people to do this. We do not have enough money to do this. We wonıt succeed, so we wonıt try. There are always so many excuses given explaining why we canıt.
Behind all of those excuses is the unspoken truth that we do not have enough faith. I am not suggesting that we be unrealistic. Ministry does require both financial and people resources. What I am saying is that too often we do not add God to our side of the equation.
Paul declared to the church at Rome, ³We are more than conquerors (winners) through Christ who gives us strength.² Our churches need to believe that truth. God is on our side because this is Godıs work we are trying to do. Remember this is not to be about us. It is about God.
Thriving (winning) churches are those who are focusing on reaching out to the physical and spiritual needs of their community with the love of Jesus Christ. They are those who believe that Godıs Spirit walks with them giving them strength and resources for the journey.
Thriving congregations are doing great things because they believe they can.
With Godıs help, they will attempt great things and do great things, because they know God will find a way.
Alas, in these centuries since the resurrection of Jesus, Godıs people keep forgetting that the victory has already been won. We can just get out there, enjoy the game, and do the best we can, because we have already won.
I give thanks for the churches in South Carolina who are doing incredible and amazing ministry in the name of the Christ.

Grace and peace,
Mary Virginia Taylor